Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Day........

Well, well, here I am. It's been well over a week since I have posted. It's been crazy around here, and frankly it has not been a good week. However, I am off tomorrow, so things are looking up. Early last week (prior to T-day) I was sick with a stomach bug, that went away, felt great on Wed and Thursday. (I was at work for the holiday) While at work, we were just getting prepared for our next case, when I was burnt by one of our autoclaves. (sterilizes the instruments) I was actually a patient in our ER on Black Friday.....I had to wait to be seen, as they had a patient in there that was having an asthma attack from her Black Friday shopping, and another that hurt her arm shopping at a local dept store. It is by far a small burn, and after a week, the pain has subsided some, it still looks bad. I have not been able to scrub into any cases all week, and have been just helping out where help is needed, which after 3 days, gets very long and boring. My mind needs much more stimulation then cleaning, stocking, paperwork, etc. ugh. Oh and to top this all off, I have a little bit of a cold, that I think I caught before it got real bad, I was driving to work today, was stopped by a highway patrol. Apparently, he thought I was driving too fast. ugh. Well, he made the mistake of asking if everything was OK....(BIG mistake) so, I unloaded on the poor guy, about my weeks happenings, my burn, etc. I am pretty sure he won't be pulling me over anytime soon. (much less his colleagues) I drove away with a warning. (smile)
I have finally finished the Christmas decorating. I will be posting some pics tomorrow. I have not really made a dent in my Christmas shopping, I attempted on Black Friday afternoon, however, a crabby Rita and a ton a people don't do well together. So, I called it a day, came home and started watching the Gilmore Girls, Season 4. I am now onto Season 5. It's been cold here, so it's nice to stay home where it's warm.
On Saturday, I will be having another birthday. We will be going into town for my free dinner at Up the Creek, and then I am not sure what I have planned. I don't get to crazy on my b-day, so an evening at home would be great.
I am off to start my day off cleaning, so I have less to do tomorrow!!
Have a great evening, will be by with pics tomorrow.

Having a better day,


Debbie said...

Sorry about your bad week, I just hate those. I didn't go out Black Friday. For the handicapped, that's a death sentence. I hope that your burn feels better.

Looking forward to seeing pics of your decorations!!

Happy early Birthday!! Enjoy it!!

God Bless~

Beth E. said...

Oooo...sorry you've had to go through all of that! Hope you feel better soon. GLAD you didn't get a ticket!

Twitter is something you can set up on your blog and post one or two line updates from your cell phone. I don't think I'm gonna set it up, though. I went through the process and got to the part where Twitter requires authorization to send you text messages...I don't have unlimited text messaging on my phone, so I don't think Twitter is for ME! lol Check it out on MckMama's site. It's on the left side of her page.

Thanks for the tips regarding Bill's surgery, and thanks for your PRAYERS.

Holly said...

I hope this week is looking better for you! : )
Happy Birthday! I hope it is/was a good day!!!