Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Holiday Cheer

A few more pics from around the house.........

My Grandfather made this for me. This is one of the most memorable ornaments he made for me.....maybe it's because he spelt my name wrong?? I love sleds/sleighs, so many memories of my childhood.
My father made both the reindeer and sleigh that you see here. And Farmchick made the candle that you see there, as well. I added the greenery.....looks ok, I think??

I found this sled last summer at a garage sale. Alex bought me the kissing bears a few years ago. Little Arthur likes to attack those Bears any chance he gets!!

I found the JOY words at the Big One craft show last year. Looks great on my Cathedral shelf, I'm thinking.......
Well, Santa is in town right now, so I better get Arthur up there for a quick picture with Jolly Old Saint Nick, I hope I make it in time.
Have a great weekend.


Beth E. said...

You have such a talent for decorating! The wooden sleigh looks great with the greenery in it!

Hope you got your picture of Arthur and Santa. :o)

Tonjia said...

I love the sleds!! you did a great job with the greenery. Love your decorations.

Holly said...

I want to see the pic of Arthur and Santa...I bet it's too cute!
I love all of your decorations and trees! I thought I was doing really good by putting up one tree but now I know that is small potatoes! LOL I hope you had a good birthday!