Sunday, May 24, 2009

Graduation Day, 2009

Today, we will celebrate the Graduation of my nephew Taylor. He is my brothers son, and the 2nd to graduate of my nieces and nephews. Taylor just returned from the State Track meet, where he qualified in many 5 events, and made it to the finals in 3. Not sure of the outcome yet, way too much going on last night to get details.

Last night, I had 2 Graduation parties to go sons friend Tyler, he is also a neighbor to my parents and has been great help to them when needed. Tylers a great kid, moved here 3 years ago, has excelled in academic, music and sports. We were very lucky to have him as part of our community. He will also be joining Alex on his trip to Anaheim for the FBLA Conference in June.

One of my good friends from high school also graduated from college. It was actually her 2nd time with a degree, the other being many years ago. This year, she got her nursing degree!! YEAH Jodi !!! We had a surprise party for her at a friends house, and boy was she surprised!!

My oldest brother and family are here from Minneapolis. It was fun to see them. They have the youngest children in our family, and man, are they growing!! We have no more babies. :( They wil be here through tomorrow. They are still in school, so have to get back.

Alex finished his sophomore year on Thursday, and is now a JUNIOR!! Can't believe that. He's now preparing for the FBLA Conference, studying, studying, studying......he will be gone the 2nd week of June for leadership training, and will be leaving the 24th for Anaheim. He has a busy month ahead of him.

I have been staying busy at work. I just bumped up my hours, so now will not have a day off during the week. ugh. I am also picking up some extra call over the summer. With vacations, mat leave, and staff shortage, theres always a need. We've been getting quite a few applicants at the hospital from all over the US, due to cuts in other hospitals. I think right now, we have 10 openings for nurses, which is very unusual, it's normally 10 on each floor!! So, yeah for us!!

I better get going, was going to get outside and plant the few flowers that I have purchased. It's been too cold to plant anything, so have only purchased a few plants. I think we are in the clear for planting least I hope to.

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend. Will hopefully have pictures to post tomorrow!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Day!!

Just wanted to wish all my FAVORITE MOMS out there a
Very Happy Mothers Day!!
We went out for a breakfast buffet this morning, now we're busy
with yard work and washing clothes. Typical day as a mother.
After 3 weeks at Saint Marys Hospital, (Mayo) in Rochester, my cousin Tim's son Casey is on his way home today!!! Casey went into heart failure on the 15th of April, and was flown to Rochester for further evaluation. His heart was the size of a football, and he was diagnosed with cardiomyapathy. (enlarged heart) He had open heart surgery to put in an LVAD, left ventricular assisted device. This will remain in him until he can recieve a heart transplant. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they start this new chapter in their lives. Welcome home Casey!!!
Not much else has been going on......we continue to fundraise for Alex's trip to Anaheim. So far, we have sold pizzas, had a breakfast, and of course, my favorite, concessions at baseball games and track meets.(hence the reason, I am so busy) The kids sold over $10,000 in pizzas!! They should be sitting pretty good as far as finances. We have our last track meet & baseball game on Tuesday, which should bring in over $2000.
Alex recieved his State Officer suit in the mail on Friday. It fits him perfect!! I was a little afraid after seeing some of the officers at the conference this year. They all looked so big. He looks good in it..........
Thats all for today. Hope all you mothers enjoy your day!!