Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas from OUR home
to YOURS!!!
Wishing you every blessing of HIS love the Christmas
and in the New Year!!!

Here's a few pictures from around our house this Christmas Season.....

Our little mini tree.

Our not so mini tree.

Our dining room this one!!

Lastly, this is me in Mexico 2 weeks ago.......needless to say the weather around here looks a little more like the picture below........and as I am typing this we are in a winter storm warning!!!!

I will have more pics from Mexico after the's been a little crazy around here............
Merry Christmas and God's Blessing for a Happy New Year!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Recipe Post - Apple Juice

If you are wondering what to do with all those apples, how about trying some homemade apple juice?? It's real easy, and tastes delicious!!

Here's what you need......

Enough APPLES to fill a 5 qt pail, cut in quarters, no need to core or remove the seeds.

Boil the water and cream of tartar, and pour over the cut up apples.
Cover and let sit for 24 hours.

It should look something like this. Next you will want to drain the juice from the apples. I like to use a flour sack towel to drain, it gets all the little particles from the apples. Drain into a large kettle, add 1-2 cups of SUGAR, depending on how sweet you like it. Bring to a boil, and walla, you have APPLE JUICE!! I have canned the juice in the past, but recently, I have started putting in water jugs that I get from work and freezing them. Works great.'s the finished project!!
Very simple, and you only need apples, cream of tartar, water and sugar!!
That was my project for the weekend, amongst many other little projects around the house....
Last night I attended a wedding of a wonderful couple whom I babysat while growing up. The wedding was gorgeous, and alot of fun. Such a sweet, young couple, I wish them the very best!!
That's all for today, hope you all have a great Sunday, and enjoy the new week!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


This picture was taken outside one of our hometown banks on Thursday morning around 5:30!! Thought it was pretty funny. The crazy part is that this is our main street, that has been dug up and under construction all summer, so theres pot holes, different levels, etc. Unfortunately, they come from my Cousins farm just outside of town.....

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like........

Yep, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas!! We had our first snowfall today.....nothing that is really staying on the ground, and nothing like our first snow fall last year that left us 6 feet of snow!! The wind is nasty, and just plain cold here in ND!! I'm actually missing a home football game tonight, and I love going to FB games here in's like a social event for me. Oh well, there will be more FB games!!
My Uncle is recovering from his surgery very well. He had a few setbacks, nothing major,but is doing well now. I visit him a couple times a day, as he's in the same building!! So, thats been cool. Not sure if the nurses appreciate me, but I'm making sure they are on their toes taking care of him!!
Not much else is going on......will hopefully get another post up here before the weekend is over. Enjoy your weekend!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Fall!!

It is feeling like fall here!! The temps have been close to freezing, and it's been drizzling for 3 days!! I do love this time of year, even though we have winter that follows.......
Alex leaves this morning for the FBLA Fall Leadership Conference. Short trip, only 100 miles away, and will be home tomorrow sometime. Alex is excited for the event, as he and the rest of the officers are the ones that plan it and put it, it's a BIG thing!! Earlier this week, Alex was chosen to be on the National Executive Board for FBLA for the Mountain Plains Region. Again, one of the many goals Alex has wanted and now has accomplished. The kid amazes me somedays!!!!!!
I will be spending my day catching up on housework....I may run into town for some shopping, and.....I will get to watch Desperate Housewives without interuptions!! Woohoo, who could complain about that??? Anyone want to join me??
My Uncles surgery was postponed last week due to his cardiac issues, but has been cleared and he's ready for surgery tomorrow at 2pm!! Looking forward to having this behind us, so he can move onto the next step to his recovery. Please keep him in your prayers!!
Hope you all have a super SUNDAY!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prayers Please.....

I have a few extra minutes before Desperate Housewives starts, so thought I would post a few prayer requests......

First off, my Uncle Bob will be having a thoracotomy on Tuesday, he has lung cancer......he is having this done where I work, so I will be sure he is VERY well taken care of. He has an excellent Dr, and I have hand picked his OR staff. (not to mention the private room he will get on arrival to the hospital!!)

Please pray for my friend Ann. She lost her beloved Oreo (puppy) last week and is having a very difficult time. Oreo had cancer throughout his whole body, so was put to sleep on Wednesday. Please pray for her!!! I cannot imagine her loss, and typing about it brings tears to my little Art must never leave me!!

Oreo, rest in peace buddy.

Also, keep in your prayers Angie. I have been following her Caringbridge website for over a year now, and she FINALLY will be recieving the heart transplant she's been waiting is the link to her site, if you wish to visit her. Also keep her donor family in your prayers.

That's all I have right now.....I have had a busy weekend, I'm excited to sit down and watch one of my favorite shows, less then 30 minutes!! woot, woot!!

Have a great week, it's starting to feel like fall here, so I'm sure we'll be doing some outside projects this week preparing for the inevitable.....SNOW!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is it September Already??

Once again, I have been missing in action. No good excuses, just not making the time to blog these days. We've been extremely busy at work, which leads to one tired blogger by the end of the day!! However, I am always greeted by little Arthur when I walk in the door.....this is Art on Alex's first day of school. He was a little confused as to why Alex was up before noon and leaving the house looking all handsome.......(you will see that pic at the end of the post)

The following pics are from our trip to Minneapolis. We took very few pics as it was hot and humid the whole time we were there.....mainly scenery pics and of course, my favorite.......

My favorite and one of the many reasons I like going to Komo Park!! Isn't he just the cutest, I love this picture......he looks a little annoyed at all the visitors!!

I tried making pickles this year with some of my cukes......they look good, but I am not impressed as to how they taste. They are OK, just not what I had hoped for. I also made spaghetti sauce, love the Mrs. Wages mix, very good!!

Here's Alex in his FBLA gear.....he has been working on sorporate sponsorships and has not got all of his!! The officers need to get 3, and he got his last one this week.

Here he is on the first day of school. A junior this year, hard to believe....he's been keeping busy with school work and FBLA stuff. He was elected Local Secretary this week, so was happy about that.

As I approach the final 3 months of my 30's, I am realizing that I am not enjoying getting old!! I was hoping for a non-eventful 3 months, but I guess when you are as old as I am, thats not an option. This past week, my favorite Uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer, not sure what type, he's still undergoing some testing, my cousin tried to end her life, I have another cousin in treatment for 90 days for depression/alcoholism, and my friends husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, stage 4, and has 6-12 months to live. So please, keep these people in your prayers!!
My vacation to Cancun cannot come any sooner!!! I leave on December 5th......cannot wait!! I would love to start packing now, but I think I do have time for that later!!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I am headed down to my crawl space to find my little tree to decorate for Fall.
Have a great week!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Simply August

It's hard to believe that August is in full swing, and in 11 days Alex will start his Junior year of high school. Earlier this week the temp was 100 degrees, today it's 69. We really have not even had much of a summer, but I am prepared to get this school year started!!

So far, we've been busy this month:

* we were in Minneapolis for 4 days this past week.
* Alex celebrated his 17th birthday on the 9th.
* my nephew Tyler turned 18 on the 5th.
* my sister will have a birthday tomorrow - not sure how old, just know that shes older then ME!!
* my nephew Taylor left for college, he's now part of the NCAA!!
* my 2 friends from high school were here this week to cool off at our home town pool!! they brought their little people and we all had fun!!
* Alex purchased his first laptop with his own money!!
* I've been busy outside trying to trim up some of my flowers....they are overgrowing my flower bed!!
* the list goes on.

I am back to work tomorrow after having the past week off. ugh. I love being at home, but miss the social aspect of work.

Hope you all enjoy the week!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

North Dakota State Fair 2009

Just thought I would share a few pictures from the fair....Alex and I went there yesterday, I swore I would not go this year, but I did, and I did enjoy myself. Alex was off with friends, and I was was GREAT!!!
Here we have Sally the Camel......I believe you could actually have a ride on Sally for a small fee. I was riding on the tractor when I took this pic, so did not get any details.

Here is a pic looking down the midway where all the rides are at, for big people. I used to like some of the rides, but I have no interest in them now. I would rather spend my money on fresh squeezed lemonade, corndogs, etc...... This is also where all the scarey carney folks hang out trying to get you to play there dumb games to get a life size stuffed Sponge Bob.....just what I wanted!!??

This is where the little people hang out. They have a nice assortment of rides for little ones, and of course all the cheesey games, and scarey looking carnival workers.

You will also see many booths that look like this one.......from cheese curds, to hotdogs, corndogs, indian tacos, slushys, donuts, deep fried oreo cookies and candy bars.....the list goes on and on......I had a corndog, some curly potatoes, and a lemonade, and I was happy.

With the State Fair, also comes the livestock. I was in the sheep/swine barn, so took a few pictures while there. (hope I don't get the "swine flu")

Here are the not so small pigs!!! Wow, what a life!! To think they are so tiny when they are born, and they grow up to look like this or in many cases larger!! Yikes!! That's about all I could take in the barn, the smell was about enough to knock me out!!

I hope you enjoyed the State Fair, as I did. For the record, this was the largest State Fair in ND to date. and....Taylor Swift had the largest crowd at our State Fair then any other concert she has performed at. How cool is that??
I have some recipes to post, so hopefully tomorrow I will find some time. I got my housework done today, and if I can get my yard work done, I will post again tomorrow!!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is It Really July 25th???

It's hard to believe that the summer has gone by so quickly. It has just started warming up here in North Dakota, we had our first 90+ degrees here this past week. I sure wish our winters would go by this quickly!!
Alex and I have both been keeping busy. Alex has been working on his State Officer reports for FBLA, and getting his brochure ready to run for yet another office.....not sure what yet, but time will tell. He's been keeping the grass cut around town, and occasionally will mow our grass, as well. He is also still working at the grocery store here in town, but will be ending that in the next couple weeks. He has some tough classes this year in school and wants to keep his grades up, so is joining the unemployed.
I have been busy at work. Seems like the place never slows down. I have picked up some extra call this summer, and I am happy to report that I'm done with that!! My flowers have been suffering lately, as I just have not had the time or energy to pull any weeds...but, they still look good!! I have recently started finding stuff for a garage sale......I need to have one real bad, and real soon.
Alex and I will be going to Minneapolis the 2nd week of August for a little mini vacation. We plan on meeting up with my brother and his family, Mall of America and IKEA. Will be sure to take many pictures.
Not much else is going on here, I will leave you with some pictures from Alex's trip to California!! Have a great weekend!!

Alex & Mickey @ Disneyland

Michael Jackson's STAR on the Walk of Fame. Alex was in Anaheim the week that MJ & Farrah passed away. Anyone tired of hearing about Michaels death?? I am!!

I guess thats all the pics I have from his trip on my user....I will have to scan a few more and post them later. Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Have Another Trophy in the House

Just a quick post to let you all know that Alex placed 9th at the National FBLA Conference!!! I was able to watch the awards ceremony on the internet, so it was a little tense at my house tonight. He was the LAST finalist called. I'm pretty sure I had an anxiety attack!!!

I just talked to him, and they had their pictures taken, and he was ready for some dippin dots. I think he's had a good time in LA, has spent some time at Disney, today, he relaxed and even took a nap.

Tomorrow they go to Universal Studios Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe', and a tour of LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and the Walk of Fame. Can't wait to see pictures!!

Have a great week everyone, my week is off to a great start and can only get better from here. I have a 3 day work week!!!
I will update more when Alex returns!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Have Fun & Good Luck!!

Sorry I've been missing in action for a few weeks!! I've been busy, working hard, and exhausted by the time it comes to blogging!!

My Alex left this morning for Anaheim, CA. I took him to the bus at 4 am, and he should be taking off, as I type this. (they had a 2 hour drive to the airport) Flying the friendly skies!!

I will update more as I know more. He's been studying hard, so lets hope and pray he does well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seriously, Snow, It's JUNE!!!

Yep, you read is snowing in North Dakota today!! It has yet to snow where I live, but about an hour away from us, they had snow on the ground. Hope it stays there. I'm sure it won't be here for long, it's just the concept.....haven't we had enough?? We still have farmers that have not finished seeding their crops for crying out loud, due to all the snow we had this winter!!
I am off to a benefit for my cousins son, Casey. Have a great night everyone, stay warm!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June, Finally!!

Thank God it's June!! I have been waiting for this month since, uh, last, November when we had our first snow storm??? It was the longest winter I can remember, and I would hate to have to repeat it ever again!!

With, June, brings the planting of many flowers!! The is one of may favorites, and I cannot wait til it fills out more. I have several other pots, but are not looking that great right now, I'm going to give them some time before snapping pics!!

Here's my nephew at his high school graduation. He's the only one looking at the camera. Thanks Taylor for the pose!!

Here's my Alex (in the suit) with Taylor at his open house.

This is a photo Taylor's received as a gift. Taylor's classmate Katlin passed away in a car accident the end of March, the photo shows his friend Katlin in the crowd, and Taylor playing basketball. Very nice keepsake for him.

Here is my nephew Nick from Minneapolis. I think he played pool the whole time during the open house.

And....sister Gillian. That's what Nick calls Gillian, Sister.

Here is Alex and his friend Anna. Alex is a little sleepy, and my camera would not cooperate for another pic. Oh well, they have a week in Anaheim to catch up on photos efore shes off for college. Anna is a very nice girl, she thinks alot of Alex. Anna's sister Anita was tragically murdered 2 years ago tomorrow. It's been a tough 2 years for her family, as the killer still has not been found.

Next up.....the Three Stooges!! This is me and my 2 classmates from highschool. We were together to celebrate Jodi's (shes the one in the front.) graduation from Nursing school. It was a fun night, the weather was awesome!! (and the food was great!)

That's all I have for now......hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Graduation Day, 2009

Today, we will celebrate the Graduation of my nephew Taylor. He is my brothers son, and the 2nd to graduate of my nieces and nephews. Taylor just returned from the State Track meet, where he qualified in many 5 events, and made it to the finals in 3. Not sure of the outcome yet, way too much going on last night to get details.

Last night, I had 2 Graduation parties to go sons friend Tyler, he is also a neighbor to my parents and has been great help to them when needed. Tylers a great kid, moved here 3 years ago, has excelled in academic, music and sports. We were very lucky to have him as part of our community. He will also be joining Alex on his trip to Anaheim for the FBLA Conference in June.

One of my good friends from high school also graduated from college. It was actually her 2nd time with a degree, the other being many years ago. This year, she got her nursing degree!! YEAH Jodi !!! We had a surprise party for her at a friends house, and boy was she surprised!!

My oldest brother and family are here from Minneapolis. It was fun to see them. They have the youngest children in our family, and man, are they growing!! We have no more babies. :( They wil be here through tomorrow. They are still in school, so have to get back.

Alex finished his sophomore year on Thursday, and is now a JUNIOR!! Can't believe that. He's now preparing for the FBLA Conference, studying, studying, studying......he will be gone the 2nd week of June for leadership training, and will be leaving the 24th for Anaheim. He has a busy month ahead of him.

I have been staying busy at work. I just bumped up my hours, so now will not have a day off during the week. ugh. I am also picking up some extra call over the summer. With vacations, mat leave, and staff shortage, theres always a need. We've been getting quite a few applicants at the hospital from all over the US, due to cuts in other hospitals. I think right now, we have 10 openings for nurses, which is very unusual, it's normally 10 on each floor!! So, yeah for us!!

I better get going, was going to get outside and plant the few flowers that I have purchased. It's been too cold to plant anything, so have only purchased a few plants. I think we are in the clear for planting least I hope to.

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend. Will hopefully have pictures to post tomorrow!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Day!!

Just wanted to wish all my FAVORITE MOMS out there a
Very Happy Mothers Day!!
We went out for a breakfast buffet this morning, now we're busy
with yard work and washing clothes. Typical day as a mother.
After 3 weeks at Saint Marys Hospital, (Mayo) in Rochester, my cousin Tim's son Casey is on his way home today!!! Casey went into heart failure on the 15th of April, and was flown to Rochester for further evaluation. His heart was the size of a football, and he was diagnosed with cardiomyapathy. (enlarged heart) He had open heart surgery to put in an LVAD, left ventricular assisted device. This will remain in him until he can recieve a heart transplant. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they start this new chapter in their lives. Welcome home Casey!!!
Not much else has been going on......we continue to fundraise for Alex's trip to Anaheim. So far, we have sold pizzas, had a breakfast, and of course, my favorite, concessions at baseball games and track meets.(hence the reason, I am so busy) The kids sold over $10,000 in pizzas!! They should be sitting pretty good as far as finances. We have our last track meet & baseball game on Tuesday, which should bring in over $2000.
Alex recieved his State Officer suit in the mail on Friday. It fits him perfect!! I was a little afraid after seeing some of the officers at the conference this year. They all looked so big. He looks good in it..........
Thats all for today. Hope all you mothers enjoy your day!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally, an Update!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter. I spent my holiday at work. Was not too busy, but a very weird weekend. Happy it's over.....and look what I came home too........

My day lillies are coming out like crazy!!

and FINALLY, we have grass!!! We still had snow when I left on Friday, but after temps in the 50's the past couple days, I can finally say that our snow is GONE!!! Bye, Bye snow!! I still have a little snow in the back yard, but it is no longer a 6 foot drift.

We have been busy here with spring activities. My mother and I went to see my niece and nephew at the prom 2 weeks ago. Here is my Niece/Godchild Brittany with her date/boyfriend.
Lastly, we've had some exciting news in our house the past couple weeks. My son Alex, was recently named North Dakota FBLA's Parliamentarian. He is now a State officer and cannot be happier!! He will represent ND at the National Conference in Anaheim, CA in June.
Here he is after the awards ceremony.

and accepting the new Officer Position.

It was an exciting day for us. My parents and I were able to attend the awards ceremony, so we got to experience the whole picture. It's a very professional organization, and you can sure tell by the way they had the awards. Very formal. (very long, as well)

With the nice temps we have been having, we have also been experiencing alot of flooding in the area. Alex was out of school today to sandbag some homes, and will most likely be sand bagging tomorrow, as well. Our home should remain safe.........cross your fingers.

That's all for today!! Hope you all have a great week!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Live in a Crazy Place

You all remember my last post where the topic was flooding. Well, the flooding is still being watched and noone is out of the woods yet. However, last Monday, March 30th, Mother Nature blessed the State of ND with yet, another snow storm. This was most likely the worst of the season for parts of the State. (this storm seemed to have missed us, Thank God!) The following are pictures from a rural area about 3 hours from where I live. Enjoy!!

Isn't that crazy?? Yes, ND is a crazy place to live at times. If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change. However, I would not trade living here for anything.
Hope you all had a great weekend. I have much more to share with you all, but am short of time right now. Will try to get another post out early this week. It's been an exciting week at our house, so be on the watch for another post.
Please post a comment if you stop by!!