Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a Joyous Day....

Today I left work with an aweful migraine, however needed to fill up with gas before driving 22 miles to get home. The pain of getting out of my car in the nasty ND wind was unbearable. However, the price of gas made it worth it...........yes, my friends, I paid $22 to fill my almost empty gas tank!!! $1.64 a gallon!! Can you believe it?? Kind of makes me want to buy a huge gas tank and keep it for future use, as I know it will not be that cheap for long.

I got home from work, got my ice pack for my neck, took my headache regimen, 4 Motrin, 2 Excedrin for Migraine with a little diet coke, put the Gilmore Girls in the DVD player, and fell asleep. I was out....I think my friend Randy may have called, I remember it some. It's been a long week with call Monday, working all night, my sleep schedule is jacked up some.

I am feeling pretty good right now. Hopefully, the worst is over, I hate feeling like that. I will close with a few pics from around the house.

I am hoping to take some pics of my boys this weekend, so I can create a Christmas card. Alex gets his hair cut tomorrow, so will go from there.
Hope you all have a great Friday.


Tonjia said...

sorry to hear about the migraine, but the gas prices are awesome!

Ours is down to $1.58/gal now! When we were in Oklahoma over thanksgiving we paid $1.48/gal. Amazing!

Love the doxie ornament on your tree!

Kindra said...

I get migraines very I know how you feel! I take the generic excedrin migraine and it works most of the time. It has caffeine in it and I don't drink that much, so I always feel jittery and kind of sick to my stomach. But it's all worth it because the migraine is gone.

I just love willow tree. I hope someday to have the nativity collection like yours. :)

Beth E. said...

I paid $1.48 for gas today...woohoo!

Hope you are feeling better now. I came home from shopping today and collapsed on the sofa, intending to just read the newspaper...I woke up two hours later! lol

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! And your son is willingly getting his hair cut? Wow...I'm thinking of asking Bo to do that for me as a Christmas gift! lol