Monday, December 15, 2008

The Frozen Tundra.......

I thought I would stop by and let you know we survived the horrible blizzard that was forecasted. It was not as bad as they expected in our area, however the temps have dipped down to MINUS 23!!! Last week, we had melting snow, now we are freezing!! Along with all of this, come the furnaces that quit working, the water that freezes up, cars that don't start, etc. We have been fortunate to not have any of these, so far.

This was my poor wreath yesterday morning.

Here's little Art ready to go have his pic taken with SANTA, however, we did not make mother called and said there was about 65 kids in line when we were leaving to go up there.

Arthur wishes you ALL a great week. Stay warm, and if you can, send some warm air up this way. We need it, real bad.

Rita, Alex & Arthur


Susan said...

I love the picture of Arthur, he looks so handsome. We are at -6 degrees today. Cold on our dachshunds feet. Burrrrrrr
I hope we all warm up soon,

Beth E. said...

Glad you are okay! I've been concerned about you!

Awww...poor little Art. "All dressed up and no place to go." :o) I'm glad YOU took a picture of him!

Stay warm and stay safe!

Tonjia said...

Arthur! you look so dapper in your Christmas sweater! I am sorry you didnt get to have your picture taken with Santa, but It was probably too cold outside for you anyway.

great googley moogley keep warm!