Monday, December 22, 2008

In Need of Some HELP!!!

Ok, I hate to sound like a broken record, but you guys seriously have to start sending us some WARM weather!!! Ask Santa, pray, send me a one way ticket to WARM, do whatever it takes!!! This morning the temp was -30, that does not include the wind chill. I will save you from that misery. And to top that all off, I just let me little Arthur out and all of our footprints were covered in MORE snow!!! My drive way, is snow compacted, we get out and shovel the drifts, however, its too damn cold to stay out and get rid of it all. ugh. I hate winter. I do love new white fluffy snow, but am tired of the pretty stuff. You can all have it for your white Christmas that you are dreaming of.
I have opted to take tomorrow off from work. We are kind of slow this week, and many want Christmas Eve off, so I will stay home tomorrow and finish shopping, and will work on Christmas Eve til 230. No big deal......that's why I actually moved closer to home, so I did not have to travel for the holidays. It's sure been nice, especially with all the crappy weather we've had. So, Alex and I are off to finish shopping in the early AM. Hope it's a quick trip, but I'm afraid it will not be.
Hope you all enjoy the next couple of days, will update before Christmas!!


Farmchick said...

Sorry can't help ya...-30 here too! Oh that's right we live 20 miles from each other! ha ha

Beth E. said...

Eeek...sorry about the miserable weather you're having! I want SOME snow, but certainly not that much!

I was just commenting to hubby how cold it is here...17 degrees...I guess that would be a heat wave for you!!!

Hope it warms up for you!

Merry Christmas..

Tonjia said...

great googley moogley! Do your pipes freeze in weather like that? I cannot fathom -30 and I was born in northwest Montana where it gets -30! LOLOLOL I just dont remember it.

Frankie says Arthur is the bravest doxie he has ever known! Does he have a down filled doxie coat?