Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Have Another Trophy in the House

Just a quick post to let you all know that Alex placed 9th at the National FBLA Conference!!! I was able to watch the awards ceremony on the internet, so it was a little tense at my house tonight. He was the LAST finalist called. I'm pretty sure I had an anxiety attack!!!

I just talked to him, and they had their pictures taken, and he was ready for some dippin dots. I think he's had a good time in LA, has spent some time at Disney, today, he relaxed and even took a nap.

Tomorrow they go to Universal Studios Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe', and a tour of LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and the Walk of Fame. Can't wait to see pictures!!

Have a great week everyone, my week is off to a great start and can only get better from here. I have a 3 day work week!!!
I will update more when Alex returns!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Have Fun & Good Luck!!

Sorry I've been missing in action for a few weeks!! I've been busy, working hard, and exhausted by the time it comes to blogging!!

My Alex left this morning for Anaheim, CA. I took him to the bus at 4 am, and he should be taking off, as I type this. (they had a 2 hour drive to the airport) Flying the friendly skies!!

I will update more as I know more. He's been studying hard, so lets hope and pray he does well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seriously, Snow, It's JUNE!!!

Yep, you read is snowing in North Dakota today!! It has yet to snow where I live, but about an hour away from us, they had snow on the ground. Hope it stays there. I'm sure it won't be here for long, it's just the concept.....haven't we had enough?? We still have farmers that have not finished seeding their crops for crying out loud, due to all the snow we had this winter!!
I am off to a benefit for my cousins son, Casey. Have a great night everyone, stay warm!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June, Finally!!

Thank God it's June!! I have been waiting for this month since, uh, last, November when we had our first snow storm??? It was the longest winter I can remember, and I would hate to have to repeat it ever again!!

With, June, brings the planting of many flowers!! The is one of may favorites, and I cannot wait til it fills out more. I have several other pots, but are not looking that great right now, I'm going to give them some time before snapping pics!!

Here's my nephew at his high school graduation. He's the only one looking at the camera. Thanks Taylor for the pose!!

Here's my Alex (in the suit) with Taylor at his open house.

This is a photo Taylor's received as a gift. Taylor's classmate Katlin passed away in a car accident the end of March, the photo shows his friend Katlin in the crowd, and Taylor playing basketball. Very nice keepsake for him.

Here is my nephew Nick from Minneapolis. I think he played pool the whole time during the open house.

And....sister Gillian. That's what Nick calls Gillian, Sister.

Here is Alex and his friend Anna. Alex is a little sleepy, and my camera would not cooperate for another pic. Oh well, they have a week in Anaheim to catch up on photos efore shes off for college. Anna is a very nice girl, she thinks alot of Alex. Anna's sister Anita was tragically murdered 2 years ago tomorrow. It's been a tough 2 years for her family, as the killer still has not been found.

Next up.....the Three Stooges!! This is me and my 2 classmates from highschool. We were together to celebrate Jodi's (shes the one in the front.) graduation from Nursing school. It was a fun night, the weather was awesome!! (and the food was great!)

That's all I have for now......hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.