Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm a little too old for this........

Yesterday, the Class of 2008 graduated from our high school. This year, my son was able to take part in the after graduation party, as he is now in high school. I of course, being his parent also got to take part, in working at the party!! It was fun. My shift started at 9 pm, and was suppose to go until midnight, but I had nothing else to do but go home and sleep, so stayed til the end......which was 3:30 AM!!!! The party consisted of inflatable games, BINGO, casino games, prizes, food & fun. The prizes were amazing, cameras, DVD players, MP3 players, flash drives, oils changes, household stuff, haircuts, closet organizers, haircare products, furniture, t-shirts, the list goes on and on. Everyone went home with something. My Alex won playing BINGO 4 times.

However, the aftermath has been a long recovery for me. Just cannot seem to get myself moving today. I have laundry to do, a house to clean, flowers to tend to, cemetarys to visit and would much rather stay in bed and watch Jon & Kate plus 8. I am up now, and will plan to make the best of my day.

The above photo is a wreath that I made this spring.......hope it doesn't look too cheesey!!

Hope you all have a nice day, and a wonderful week.

Just me,


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life & Times Living in North Dakota.........

Here's what we woke up to last weekend...........yep, you guessed it, SNOW!!!

Now here's what we did this weekend.........
I used alot of ivy in my planters this year...makes for a nice filler.

Here's a close up of some of my daisies...very pretty!!

This is my favorite, I cannot wait til it starts filling out.....

Oh, and have you ever tried these cookies?? They are scrumptious!! They made our weekend even more enjoyable..........dunked in hot coffee was a huge hit in my house!!
We also planted some peas, snap peas, cucumbers tomatoes,and green peppers. I wish I had more space for a real garden, but this will have to do. I am pretty sure we over did it with the small space that we have.
I will keep you posted as my plants/flowers grow up and fill out.
Have a great week!!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite blogger Moms out there!!! Hope you all have a
very special day!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome Miss Lyla Grace

Lyla Grace was welcomed into this world on Tuesday, May 6th. She's the granddaughter of my cousin Cindy, and daughter of Cody and Amanda. Cody's father Cary passed away 19 years
ago at the young age of 32. Cary was such an awesome Dad, and I can bet Cody will follow
in his footsteps.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Growing Lilly Pad

With summer just around the corner, I am anxiously awaiting planting my flowers. I have been messing in the flower beds, digging up the dirt around my perineals, making them look somewhat healthy. I did replant some lillies that my friend had given me. (they were going to dig them up) They don't look too hot right now, but I think they will come around with a little sun and rain.

These are my Tiger Lillies. They were transplanted from my Mother's flower bed 2 years ago and have really taken off this year.

More Lillies!!! These are my Lilly of the Valley. These also were transplanted from my Mother's old flower bed. This is the first year they have done anything!!

And More Lillies..........these are the Day Lillies that I got from my friend Carrie's flower garden. (she's adding on to her house, and they were in the way.) They look a little sickly right now, but I think will come around.

Lastly, this is the poor little Day Lilly that I planted 2 years ago. I cannot believe it is still thriving, maybe this is the year for it to take off.

Well, that's the first of many Lilly pics that I will be posting this year. As I continue to plant, I will try and post more pics. We are hoping to grow a few veggies this year too.

Hope you all have a great week!!