Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Good Morning Blogger friends!!! Not much going on here......getting the boy ready for school, making breakfast for him, and catching up on the computer. Typical day when I am home in the morning. It was wonderful to sleep in today. Yesterday, I had to be at work by 5:30AM!!! Yuck, only 30 minutes earlier, however, I lay awake, wondering if I'm going to make it on time!!! Too much stress for me............

We don't have alot of plans for the Halloween holiday. Alex has speech therapy after school, so when we're done with that, we'll run a couple errands, and then come home for our trick or treaters. Hope we don't miss too many.

Thats all for now........have a great Halloween, and enjoy the rest of the week.

Keep Believing,


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hump Day........again!!!

Happy Wednesday. I have been kind of been a slacker blogger lately. I've been busy working on details/blogsite for my 20 yr Class Reunion. Everything is coming along very well. Hopefully, things keep going smoothly, and come July we can all get together and have a great time.
Alex is doing well. He had church school this evening, so was gone most the night. He just got his report card and has once again made the A Honor Roll. I am very proud of him, and hope he never finds my report cards!!!! LOL
My parents are in Fargo for the rest of the week. My Dad has a procedure tomorrow to eleveate the pain he has in his back. Hopefully this will help him, so he can be a little more mobile. Please pray that this is the miracle we've been waiting for.
Not much else has been going on here. Been busy at work, so the days fly by.......but makes for one tired Rita!!!!
Goodnight Friends,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prayers Needed...........

Good Evening!! I come to you all tonight to ask for prayers. My buddy Murray went to Rochester yesterday to be evaluated for a new drug study. (he has terminal cancer.) Rather then ending up at the Mayo Clinic, he ended up in the ER at Methodist Hospital very weak and in alot of pain. He has been admitted there and will remain there until he is strong enough to make the trip back to Fargo. They drained 7 liters of fluid out of his abdomen today, so I am sure that gave him some relief.....could you imagine, 7 liters?? Yikes!! As for the drug study, it most likely won't be happening. Please pray for some relief from his discomfort, as well as a miracle!!! Things aren't looking too good for Murray. Also pray for his wife and children, this has been very hard on all of them, and will continue to get harder. (oh, forgot to mention, his 15 yr old daughter faught melenoma cancer for a year and won!!)
Thanks for your prayers!!

Just Believe,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a Day......

Today, I go into work late, as I am on call. As I try to locate my little Arthur to take him for a quick walk, I notice him all snuggled into my bed. Now, Arthur spend a majority of his life on my bed, sleeping, all day, all night. However, he does spend some time taking everything in on the outside....see pic!! He can sit there for hours watching every little movement outside. (as well as barking at every little movement!) He's quite the little character.

Alex is at school. Mornings at home with him are quite stressful for me. I am not sure how he gets to school on time when I am at work. But, he does it, and has never been late, so kudos to him for being responsible!!! He's been getting himself up and to school since hes been a 4th grader, I think. Maybe 5th grade?? I normally go to work at 6 am, when he's still sawing logs.

Thats all for now, hopefully, I can another blog out this weekend. Take care, and stay well!!

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!!! It's almost Friday!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Son, My Writer..........

Wow, Alex has really become a talented writer. He's always had the gift, but recently has been journaling and writing essays for his English class. The following is the latest essay.................

What are the differences between a parent who is controlling and a parent who is guiding? That is the question that throughout this essay I will attempt to answer in my opinion. In my life my mother has guided me by taking me to church. I believe that my mom made this decision because; she wanted me to have religion in my life. Another way my mother has guided me is always encouraging learning not just to get good grades but also for personal development. I believe that my mom made this decision because; she knows that the development of the brain and the development of continuing to improve yourself leads you to a better, more successful tomorrow. Some of the controlling aspects that my mother has used in the raising of me are setting rules that I need to obey. I am pretty sure that she has done this because she wants the best in the future for me. While I was typing this essay I was trying to answer the question that was stated in the first sentence. I have came to the conclusion that a common similarity between a controlling and a guiding parent is that they both want the best for their child. The difference is that a guiding parent controls their kid by implying what they want their kids do, but they present that idea by giving their children the option to make that choice. That was my essay on differences of a controlling parent and a parent who guides. I hope you enjoyed this essay and have a nice day.

I guess maybe I am doing some things right in raising my son. I have always tried my best, been there for him as much as I can, and have always encouraged him to do his best.

Have a great night everyone!!