Friday, September 26, 2008

Homecoming Week 2008

For the past week, my sons school has been celebrating Homecoming. This was always my favorite time of the school year. We used to have 50's they have 70-80's days, not sure what they had against the 50's??!! Tonight is the football game, and the dance to follow. Alex is at the game, will be going to the dance, and then to a friends house if it's not too late. A nice quiet evening for his mother. I was planning on going to the game, however in the 1st quarter the score was 29=0. So, thought I would save $5 and stay home.

The past 2 days, I have been doing some fall cleaning. I'm very tired of cleaning right now. For those of you that invited me into your home to clean, I am going to have to decline. I still have 2 bedrooms, part of the bathroom and laundry room left. Oh, and the garage, that has to get cleaned/organized. ugghh.

In the midst of all the cleaning, I did find time to have lunch with my friend Carrie yesterday. She had surgery 3 weeks ago, so was off from work. It was great to see her, she's doing well. She's not looking forward to coming back to work. (who would be??)

Arthur is doing pretty well. I'm still a little concerned about him, but I think he will be ok. As for Alex, he has improved over the week with the nasty crud that he had. Hopefully that crud stays away for a really long time. (I don't do well with being sick.)

That's all for tonight!! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Enjoying the day,


Little Art

For those of you concerned about Arthur, he seems to be feeling better today. I was not up all night with him, as I was before, so thats a good sign. He's still barking at everyone that walks/runs by our house...more so today then yesterday. I never did call the Vet, as I know where that would go. We spent a fare amount of time snuggling, which I think that was the best medicine ever!!
Have a great day everyone!!

Another peaceful day at home,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sex and the City, the Movie

Last night, I rented Sex and the City, the movie!! It was awesome, highly recomend it. Even if you didn't watch the series, I think one would still enjoy it.
I am off for the next four days. I cannot even tell you how excited I am to not have to go into work until Monday morning. I have a huge list of things to do. (fall house cleaning) Shampooed my carpets last night, so go that out of the way. This morning I have already washed 2 loads of clothes, washed dishes, and put dinner in the crock pot. Would like to get the inside stuff done so I can get outside. (that will be never.)
My little Arthur is sick. He has a bad tummy, not real sure what brought that on, so keeping a close eye on him today and will be making him some rice and boiled hamb. mmm, mmm, mmm.
To all those that voted for Chad, he won!! WOOHOO, go Chad!!
Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day, will post more later.

Happy to be at home today,

Friday, September 19, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!!

Not much time to post here, just wanted to leave a few pictures. I am on call the weekend, and will return Monday afternoon sometime. Hopefully its a pretty nice weekend, as far as traumas are concerned.

Arthur and I spent some time outside this morning. He was very interested in the flowers, tomatoes, and the cats in the area. Enjoy the pics!!

Arthur sporting a lei from my class reunion.

Stopping to smell the flowers. (actually, I think he's sniffing out "cat crud")

And, a little Halloween Decor that I put up/out this morning. I am off next Thurs & Friday, so there will be more to come.

Hope you all have a super weekend!! If you have not read my post below about Pediatric Cancer, please do and remember to VOTE FOR CHAD!!!!
I appreciate all the comments that I've been getting, keep'em coming!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pediatric Cancer Foundation


Hello friends,
I have a special favor to ask of all of you! Chad Harrod, one of the board members for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation was nominated for the . . .GQ Magazine Gentleman of the Year Award.He is in the top 5 and it now all comes down to online voting. I am encouraging you all to vote for Chad. He is just an amazing person and has done so much for the pediatric cancer community. If he wins, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation receives $10,000 for the Sunshine Project and a full page story in GQ Magazine!

PCF now has 2 clinicals trials open with children on these new treatments developed by our Sunshine Project Dream Team and funding is needed more than ever before. They are paying $18,305 for each child enrolling in their first trial and their researchers are hard at work looking for other compounds to combat pediatric solid tumors including brain tumors.

Please consider helping us in this voting as the national exposure of the Sunshine Project could open some new avenues of funding and awareness for childhood cancer. Thank you for taking the time to vote!
Vote Here for Chad Harrod!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Sure What Happened There......

Like I said, not sure what happened, but I hit something on my keyboard and WALLA!! my blog was posted!!! Not what I had intended. I did not proof read it or anything, so what you see is what you get today.
Hope you all have a great Sunday!! Have a fabulous week.


Off to the Rodeo.......

OK, I am not off to the rodeo, let's get that straight. However, we have a High School Rodeo in town today, and the route to get to the rodeo grounds is right outside my front window. I have lost count to the HUGE pick ups, pulling HUGE horse trailers that have passed by my house in the last 45 minutes that I have been awake. It's amazing........Some are like RV's/horse trailers combined and I am sure cost a HUGE pretty penny. That's not including the horses inside the trailer, the entry fee for the rodeo, the "rodeo clothes", the gas to get to the rodeo, the food, the beer, YIKES, that could be one heck of a good day of shopping for me!!! My brother used to rodeo back in the day....however, we drove an old pickup and pulled a rusty ol' horse trailer behind. My, how things have changed..........this is a pic of me with our horse Nodak Candy Pete, we called him Pete for short.

OK, back to my world. The past few days, I have been waking up with a stuffy head, sore throat, kind of cold like feeling. I tried to drink airborne yesterday, only to find out that it only upset my, was that disgusting!!! Today, was the same thing. I'm even going to skip church this AM. Oh, and to top the cold off, our cable TV is out. Yep, the whole town is without cable. Hope it comes back on before Sunday Football. Thank goodness we got our netflix movie yesterday so we can watch that again. Have any of you seen What Happens in Vegas ?? If you are in for a good laugh, its a must see. I laughed so hard my little weiner dog started barking at me.
My son started his first job this week. He worked 6 hours yesterday. Man was it quiet here!! I almost kind of missed him. I had done most my house cleaning on my day off, so I was a little bored. I made lasagna for my friend who just had surgery, went to visit her and was home before he got home from work. So, I started watching that movie again. It wasn't long before he got home though and I was able to hear about his 6 hour work day. Warmed him up some lasagna, and watched the movie, Again!!! It was rainy and nasty all day, so was a good movie day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You.......

Where were you when the world stopped turning?? 9/11 a day to remember, and a day none of us will ever forget.
I was working with Dr Thomas in the operating room when we heard of the happenings in New York. I thought Dr Thomas was going to have to leave, as his sister had worked in the Trade Center. Thank goodness our case was almost finished, so he was able to call and make sure she was OK. She answered the phone when he called!!!! Praise the Lord!!
On a sad note, my cousin Beckys (my cousin Todds wife, no relation to me) brother was in the 2nd tower and was never found. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts today.
God Bless OUR America!!
Make it a great day!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Awesome Game

Last night, my son and I traveled to Bismarck to watch my nephew Tyler play high school football. It was fun, saw a few people we knew from my hometown, saw my sister and family from Grand Forks (her son was the one playing) my brother in law and boys from Bismarck were also there. As well as my parents. (we drove them there)
The game was awesome. Well, the last minute of the game was awesome. Grand Forks was behind 14-0 throughout the whole game, til the last minute. They scored 2 touchdowns, as well as got the extra points in the LAST minute to win the game!!! Grand Forks 15-Bismarck 14. In the midst of the game 2 of the GF players went by ambulance to the ER. I was the only one in the Grand Forks section who knew where the hospital was, so I drove one of the Dad's to the ER to be with his son. It was a crazy night. Both boys are doing well and back in Grand Forks.
Today I met with a family for Make a Wish. (I am a volunteer for Make a Wish) It was fun, really enjoyed visiting with them. Their son is adorable, and was so happy to see us!! They live in an Extreme Makeover house, so we got to see the house first hand, which was very cool.
Thats all for tonight. I have one messy house to clean, so I better get to it before my son gets home. Good night!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!!!

Hope this post finds you all enjoying your Labor Day holiday. This has been a crazy weekend in North Dakota. Yesterday at 5 pm, the temp here was 96. Last night at 730 pm, it was 66. Today, it's 50 something, cold and rainy. I love the rain though, no complaining here, as I love my grass nice and green. Nothings better then rain.

We've had an uneventful weekend. Did some shopping, cooking, yard work, and more cooking. Right now, I am making a batch of breakfast egg rolls. They are nice to have for Alex to grab in the morning before school. Later, I will be making another batch of homemade eggrolls with a mexican twist. (thank you Tania, Alex loves them)

Was hoping to make and can some salsa this weekend, but my tomotoes seem to only ripen 1 tomato at a time. I need quite a few for canning. So, I will put it off til this coming weekend.

Hope all is well with you all. If you are in the area of Gustav, please stay safe!! We're praying for you all.