Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pediatric Cancer Foundation


Hello friends,
I have a special favor to ask of all of you! Chad Harrod, one of the board members for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation was nominated for the . . .GQ Magazine Gentleman of the Year Award.He is in the top 5 and it now all comes down to online voting. I am encouraging you all to vote for Chad. He is just an amazing person and has done so much for the pediatric cancer community. If he wins, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation receives $10,000 for the Sunshine Project and a full page story in GQ Magazine!

PCF now has 2 clinicals trials open with children on these new treatments developed by our Sunshine Project Dream Team and funding is needed more than ever before. They are paying $18,305 for each child enrolling in their first trial and their researchers are hard at work looking for other compounds to combat pediatric solid tumors including brain tumors.

Please consider helping us in this voting as the national exposure of the Sunshine Project could open some new avenues of funding and awareness for childhood cancer. Thank you for taking the time to vote!
Vote Here for Chad Harrod!


LINDA said...

It was an honor to vote for Chad---seems like a wise choice.
I gotta tell ya, that second guy with only 1% of the votes is sure a hautie and I did look at him for a long while, but seriously, his platform--shoes?!---doesn't compare to pediatric cancer medicine...

Kindra said...

I voted! His story is so inspiring! What gifts he has brought to those children. It's great to hear that those children get a special night to feel so special during such a rough time for them and their families. I hope he gets it!!

I forgot to tell you that I was a nurse before staying home with the boys. My last job was working for an eye surgeon. I also scrubbed and assisted him in many eye surgeries. I really miss that part!

Farmchick said...

I voted too....I hope he wins....he is a great choice!

Beth E. said...

What a worthy cause...I voted!