Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Art

For those of you concerned about Arthur, he seems to be feeling better today. I was not up all night with him, as I was before, so thats a good sign. He's still barking at everyone that walks/runs by our house...more so today then yesterday. I never did call the Vet, as I know where that would go. We spent a fare amount of time snuggling, which I think that was the best medicine ever!!
Have a great day everyone!!

Another peaceful day at home,


Beth E. said...

I'm glad that Art is okay. Our pets are part of the family. It's terrible when they don't feel good.

lindanuts said...

Glad your little boy is feeling better. I know I hate it when one of ours is down. Love 'em up--that's the best medicine. You know your TLC, right?