Friday, September 19, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!!

Not much time to post here, just wanted to leave a few pictures. I am on call the weekend, and will return Monday afternoon sometime. Hopefully its a pretty nice weekend, as far as traumas are concerned.

Arthur and I spent some time outside this morning. He was very interested in the flowers, tomatoes, and the cats in the area. Enjoy the pics!!

Arthur sporting a lei from my class reunion.

Stopping to smell the flowers. (actually, I think he's sniffing out "cat crud")

And, a little Halloween Decor that I put up/out this morning. I am off next Thurs & Friday, so there will be more to come.

Hope you all have a super weekend!! If you have not read my post below about Pediatric Cancer, please do and remember to VOTE FOR CHAD!!!!
I appreciate all the comments that I've been getting, keep'em coming!!!


kyles anima said...

I love doxies! I raise and sell them... If you go to my blog and scroll down toward the bottom you can view photos of puppies i sold this year.

Beth E. said...

Arthur is too cute! Not spoiled at all, I'm sure...I know OUR dog, Blondie, isn't spoiled one bit! haha You've gotten a jump on me with your decorating. I've got to get out my fall decorations and get busy, but not this weekend. Our oldest son, Billy, is home for the weekend. He goes back to school tomorrow morning. I want to spend as much time with him as possible. :o)

Kindra said...

I love that Halloween tree!! It will be here sooner than we know it!! Hope you had a great weekend!