Sunday, September 14, 2008

Off to the Rodeo.......

OK, I am not off to the rodeo, let's get that straight. However, we have a High School Rodeo in town today, and the route to get to the rodeo grounds is right outside my front window. I have lost count to the HUGE pick ups, pulling HUGE horse trailers that have passed by my house in the last 45 minutes that I have been awake. It's amazing........Some are like RV's/horse trailers combined and I am sure cost a HUGE pretty penny. That's not including the horses inside the trailer, the entry fee for the rodeo, the "rodeo clothes", the gas to get to the rodeo, the food, the beer, YIKES, that could be one heck of a good day of shopping for me!!! My brother used to rodeo back in the day....however, we drove an old pickup and pulled a rusty ol' horse trailer behind. My, how things have changed..........this is a pic of me with our horse Nodak Candy Pete, we called him Pete for short.

OK, back to my world. The past few days, I have been waking up with a stuffy head, sore throat, kind of cold like feeling. I tried to drink airborne yesterday, only to find out that it only upset my, was that disgusting!!! Today, was the same thing. I'm even going to skip church this AM. Oh, and to top the cold off, our cable TV is out. Yep, the whole town is without cable. Hope it comes back on before Sunday Football. Thank goodness we got our netflix movie yesterday so we can watch that again. Have any of you seen What Happens in Vegas ?? If you are in for a good laugh, its a must see. I laughed so hard my little weiner dog started barking at me.
My son started his first job this week. He worked 6 hours yesterday. Man was it quiet here!! I almost kind of missed him. I had done most my house cleaning on my day off, so I was a little bored. I made lasagna for my friend who just had surgery, went to visit her and was home before he got home from work. So, I started watching that movie again. It wasn't long before he got home though and I was able to hear about his 6 hour work day. Warmed him up some lasagna, and watched the movie, Again!!! It was rainy and nasty all day, so was a good movie day.


LINDA said...

What a beautifully marked horse!
We had a rainy weekend, too. No auctions for this girl....My weiner dogs refuse to go out in the rain....How about yours?

Beth E. said...

It's tough when the young'uns get older...Having our oldest boy, Billy, go away to college was definitely hard. Every time he comes home for a break and then returns to school, it makes it even harder.

Sure hope you feel better soon. The only thing worse than being sick is being sick in hot weather...yuck. Staying home from church and resting will surely help. I'll say a prayer for you! Oh, and BTW...our dog isn't a wiener dog, but she won't go out in the rain, either! :o)

Farmchick said...

I have to look alot like Rhonda in that picture!!! ;)