Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Son, My Writer..........

Wow, Alex has really become a talented writer. He's always had the gift, but recently has been journaling and writing essays for his English class. The following is the latest essay.................

What are the differences between a parent who is controlling and a parent who is guiding? That is the question that throughout this essay I will attempt to answer in my opinion. In my life my mother has guided me by taking me to church. I believe that my mom made this decision because; she wanted me to have religion in my life. Another way my mother has guided me is always encouraging learning not just to get good grades but also for personal development. I believe that my mom made this decision because; she knows that the development of the brain and the development of continuing to improve yourself leads you to a better, more successful tomorrow. Some of the controlling aspects that my mother has used in the raising of me are setting rules that I need to obey. I am pretty sure that she has done this because she wants the best in the future for me. While I was typing this essay I was trying to answer the question that was stated in the first sentence. I have came to the conclusion that a common similarity between a controlling and a guiding parent is that they both want the best for their child. The difference is that a guiding parent controls their kid by implying what they want their kids do, but they present that idea by giving their children the option to make that choice. That was my essay on differences of a controlling parent and a parent who guides. I hope you enjoyed this essay and have a nice day.

I guess maybe I am doing some things right in raising my son. I have always tried my best, been there for him as much as I can, and have always encouraged him to do his best.

Have a great night everyone!!

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