Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prayers Needed...........

Good Evening!! I come to you all tonight to ask for prayers. My buddy Murray went to Rochester yesterday to be evaluated for a new drug study. (he has terminal cancer.) Rather then ending up at the Mayo Clinic, he ended up in the ER at Methodist Hospital very weak and in alot of pain. He has been admitted there and will remain there until he is strong enough to make the trip back to Fargo. They drained 7 liters of fluid out of his abdomen today, so I am sure that gave him some relief.....could you imagine, 7 liters?? Yikes!! As for the drug study, it most likely won't be happening. Please pray for some relief from his discomfort, as well as a miracle!!! Things aren't looking too good for Murray. Also pray for his wife and children, this has been very hard on all of them, and will continue to get harder. (oh, forgot to mention, his 15 yr old daughter faught melenoma cancer for a year and won!!)
Thanks for your prayers!!

Just Believe,

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