Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a Day......

Today, I go into work late, as I am on call. As I try to locate my little Arthur to take him for a quick walk, I notice him all snuggled into my bed. Now, Arthur spend a majority of his life on my bed, sleeping, all day, all night. However, he does spend some time taking everything in on the outside....see pic!! He can sit there for hours watching every little movement outside. (as well as barking at every little movement!) He's quite the little character.

Alex is at school. Mornings at home with him are quite stressful for me. I am not sure how he gets to school on time when I am at work. But, he does it, and has never been late, so kudos to him for being responsible!!! He's been getting himself up and to school since hes been a 4th grader, I think. Maybe 5th grade?? I normally go to work at 6 am, when he's still sawing logs.

Thats all for now, hopefully, I can another blog out this weekend. Take care, and stay well!!

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!!! It's almost Friday!!!!!!!

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