Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pot Luck Thursday

Today at work, we had a kind of going away party for one of our CRNA's. He's leaving for Iraq next week, should be back in 4 months. So, of course, we had a pot luck. We had a ton of food, but the big hit today was.....

I thought this was cool, a cheese ball made into an igloo. My friend Lori made it. She's so creative!! The olives are penguins, I love it, way too cute.

I am off tomorrow, hope to run some errands, however, the weather sounds cold, and there is a weather advisory out. Story of our lives around here!!!

Have a great Friday!!

1 comment:

Tonjia said...

I LOVE it! The penguins are too cute. are you guys staying warm?

Have a great week!! Hugs to Alex and Arthur.