Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here's a Fun Fact (or not so fun)

Our local Super Walmart has been closed indefinately due to way too much snow on the roof, that the structure of the building was being questioned. Beams were starting to bend on the inside of the store, making it a hazard for employees and us shoppers. So, they closed the doors on Sunday, in hopes it would be opened in a couple days. The latest I heard was it is now closed indefinately........until all problems are taken care of.

There are also other malls in the state that have closed to remove snow from the roofs. Isn't this just crazy?? Walmart is closed??? We are now down to 3 grocery stores, from 5!! I think I will get my groceries in town this week. (and pay the price of small town groceries!)

Please see my last 2 posts, I have been a little post crazy this morning, however, I am getting my housecleaning done!!

Have a great day!!


Beth E. said...

Your Walmart's closed??? Now THAT is scary!

Stock up on your groceries...sounds like things are getting pretty bad there. :o/

Tonjia said...

OH NO!! this is serious. Stay warm, and stay inside..

I cant believe the beams were bent..

Susan said...

You might want to Google this web site: Foster and Smith, looks like a pet web site with things that might help with Arthur's paws and the snow.
You might also want to check his paw pads and make sure he didn't frost bite them. If his pads should be black and they are now gray, he might have gotten them too cold. There are some little pads you can put on his paws to help in the snow, I am not sure what they are called, but my neighbor thought they might help.
Hope this helps you out.

Holly said...

Girl, you need to pack up and MOVE! Here in sunny NC, we are at 30 some degrees, which I'm sure to you is a day at the beach but we are FREEZING! We've hit a cold snap and it's just miserable to us southerns. Really, with wind and all that factored in, it's colder and they say we'll be in the single digits tonite...I am dreading it! Winter can't last forever,right?! Well, I don't know if it can there or not, but I'm looking to turn the corner into Spring ASAP! Hope you start to thaw out and that Wal-Mart opens back up...what is the world coming to when a Wal-mart closes!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Wasn't this shocking? My SIL said that it actually made the Denver paper! Major News!