Friday, January 9, 2009

More SNOW!!!!!

We're walking in a winter wonderland..........

The side of my house...........

Big snow bank on the east side of my house.

The front of my home.......snow is approximately 3-4 feet all the way around the house, more in certain areas. I'm dreaming of very green grass this summer.

There is a little 3 foot Christmas tree under this snow....the poor thing has been beat up this winter, I can't even count the number of times I have cleaned the snow off......

My back yard. We do have a sidewalk/patio back here that I have also shovel several times this winter.........This is Crazy!!!
I miss this......
and this.........
It's been another crazy week here in our household. I got over the flu and got the crud that Alex had last week. Sore throat, sneezy, itchy, watery eyes, sinus pressure, etc.
School was cancelled again today, due to the 12 inches of snow we got last night. Thankfully I rode with my friend to work, or I would not have made it to town. We drove in one lane of tracks to work. We leave for work so early the snow plows are never out before we leave, so thats great.
Alex is at work, and I'm thinking little Art and I are going to take a little napsky. I'm freezing, I just got in from shoveling/taking pics of the snow.
Hope you all have a great weekend!! We will be snow bound.
Tired of snow,
Rita, Alex and Art


Tubre Quads said...

Good grief that is a lot of snow!! I'm kinda jealous :)


Debbie said...

Oh wow! I sure hope we don't get that much snow. We got that the end of the winter last year! UGH! Poor thing!!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. It made my day.

Stay warm, snuggle with Art, and be safe!!! I bet he hates going out to potty. Baby, bless her heart, got stuck last year, and I had to rescue her...LOL

God Bless~

Tonjia said...

Oh my goodness. that is a pretty impressive snow accumulation.

stay in, stay warm and dont lose little Arthur when he goes outside to do his business!

Bren said...

I love following your blog. I am in the Midwest as well and we received about 8 inches so far.

Happy SNOW DAY.... Spring will be here before you know it.

Beth E. said...

Yup, that grass is definitely gonna be greeeeeen! Praying for sunny days for you.