Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I was planning on a New Years post, actually on New Years, however, I was in bed with the stomach flu. My whole world was turned upside down for a few days, and I did not like it one bit. I hate being sick, especially when you can't take any meds!!

The past week has been kind of a blur. I do know that I did watch endless episodes of Two and a Half Men. I purchased Season 3 over the holidays, and love it!! I seriously think I could watch it 24/7, if I didn't have a life. Unfortunately, I am forced to work, be a Mom and several other odd jobs around the house.

We also celebrated Christmas with my family last Sunday, the 28th. A great time was had by all. My niece didn't get engaged, as my sister expected. My brother was here for 5 days, and left on the 30th. It was great to see him and his family.

Alex was at my parents house this afternoon watching the Arizona Cardinals vs Atlanta Falcons in the first round of playoffs. The Cardinals won!! woohoo. Alex was beyond excited, and has been talking nonstop about the game since he got home. It's great to see him so happy!!! (he's been sick with sore throat, coughing, nose crud) FYI: he's been a little crabby lately.

Two happy Cardinal fans!!

And............ just in case you have not seen enough snow pictures this year, here's a couple more from the last week. Funny thing though, we got more last night, so just imagine a few more inches of snow on top of what you see here.

The little grey area you see there, is my propane tank. Yep, I had the privilage of shoveling that out twice in the last 2 days. (along with a path leading to the tank.) I love it here!!
I'm pretty sure the snow will make it to the top of the fence sometime real soon.

I'm not sure what I am going to do when spring comes and I can no longer here the sounds of the snow plows outside my window all night long. I probably won't be able to sleep. (some people need fans to sleep, I need snow plows...)

Not much else going on here. I have been keeping busy putting Christmas decor away, cleaning out closets, shoveling snow, cleaning out closets, shoveling snow, the story of my life!!

Have a great week and a Great 2009!!

Happy New Year!!

Rita, Alex and Arthur


Tonjia said...

oh girl, I am so sorry you have the stomach crud. I stocked up on Zofran when I had it, just for the future. LOL

take it easy, feel better soon. And dont look out your window! I think you should paste pictures of tropical scenery on your windows for the next couple of months!

Beth E. said...

MORE snow?! You poor thing! I just can't imagine all of that white stuff!

I hope you are feeling better now. Oh, and I would be grouchy, too, if I had a sore throat and cough...poor guy!

Debbie said...

Seems that stomach bug has made it's rounds all over the place!! It's a bad one!!

So far not much snow in Ohio this winter yet!! Cold, but no snow!! I will take that anyday!!

Hope that you are feeling better and you can keep all that white stuff. We don't want it here!!

God Bless~