Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prayers Please.....

I have a few extra minutes before Desperate Housewives starts, so thought I would post a few prayer requests......

First off, my Uncle Bob will be having a thoracotomy on Tuesday, he has lung cancer......he is having this done where I work, so I will be sure he is VERY well taken care of. He has an excellent Dr, and I have hand picked his OR staff. (not to mention the private room he will get on arrival to the hospital!!)

Please pray for my friend Ann. She lost her beloved Oreo (puppy) last week and is having a very difficult time. Oreo had cancer throughout his whole body, so was put to sleep on Wednesday. Please pray for her!!! I cannot imagine her loss, and typing about it brings tears to my little Art must never leave me!!

Oreo, rest in peace buddy.

Also, keep in your prayers Angie. I have been following her Caringbridge website for over a year now, and she FINALLY will be recieving the heart transplant she's been waiting is the link to her site, if you wish to visit her. Also keep her donor family in your prayers.

That's all I have right now.....I have had a busy weekend, I'm excited to sit down and watch one of my favorite shows, less then 30 minutes!! woot, woot!!

Have a great week, it's starting to feel like fall here, so I'm sure we'll be doing some outside projects this week preparing for the inevitable.....SNOW!!


Beth E. said...

I'm praying for everyone! :-)

Hope this year's winter isn't like last year' all had more than your fair share of snow!

Susan said...

I am sending prayers your way. My thoughts are with you and your dear family/friends right now.
Have a great week,

Gloria said...

OMG . . I'm in bits . . a big hug to your friend. I lost a childhood friend last weekend so right now I'm on the brink of tears almost all the time. I posted a tribute for her on my blog but I'm still feeling a little fragile so this posting really really hit me. I have two Spanish Water Dogs that I love dearly . . . I know how you feel . . they must never me . . . tears!!!!

Love your blog, it's so welcoming and friendly. You have a new follower!