Monday, November 3, 2008


I thought I would surprise you all and actually do some blogging......I'm not going to make excuses, as I have many. I am just going to say, I've been busy, been out of town and completely exhausted lately!! ( I actually posted last week, but blogger said I had an error and I had no time to mess around with it.)

Alex's Confirmation went well. His party was good, too much food, of course. Below are some pics of the big day. When we got home from the church, everyone was crowded in the kitchen, so I hurried up and fed everyone, and then forgot to take pictures!!! I was so rushed, so I'm a little upset that I did not get many pics. I did get one of Alex and the cake, so thats good.

Halloween was fun...........there was a Huge Craft Show, so attended that, and got home in plenty of time for trick or treating. Alex had to work, so it was Arthur and I answering the door. (arthur is not fond of the door bell, so went crazy everytime someone came to the door, ugh)

On Saturday, Alex, my parents and I drove to Grand Forks (about 4 hours from here.) to attend my nephews Confirmation. The weather was awesome, (in the 60's....this is North Dakota!!) would have been a great day to stay home and put up Christmas lights. I'm hoping we will have a few more nice days to come. Alex and I did a little shopping in Grand Forks, I bought some ear buds for my Ipod that my fabulous friend Michelle gave me. (she won one) Yes, I am now hip and very cool with an Ipod.

Can't think of much else to report. Please keep little Kayleigh in your prayers as she has her heart surgery tomorrow morning. Poor little thing has been through so much.

Enjoy the pics!!

Some past Halloween Photos
Mr. Potato Head

Dr. Alex

Confirmation Photos............

Have a great week every one !!


Beth E. said...

Welcome back, Rita...I've missed you! Sounds like you've been incredibly busy....time to put your feet up and relax a little, Girlfriend!

Congratulations to Alex. He's a fine looking young man! I know you are so proud of him.

Hope your week's a great one!

Ordinary Mom said...

Hi! Wow our weenie dogs do look idenitcal!! Your little Arthur is so adorable. Aren't they fun dogs? I can't imagine our family without him. He keeps me entertained (and sometimes annoyed) on a daily basis. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!