Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Poor Chair

Yep, that's my chair. It's still holding strong as the snow continues to pile on it. The snow that you see on the side of the house, is what the entire house looks like. The snow is so heavy, sticks to everything.
Tomorrow, my son and I will go out and try to make a path so I can get to work. Thank good- ness I don't work until 1230 pm. So far, no school cancellations. However, Alex will be staying home until the path is clear. There is no way I can do this myself.
Have yourselves a great day.



Beth E. said...

SURELY school is cancelled there...I can't believe all of the snow you have! What's the total amount?

acutescrubnurse said...

yes, school is cancelled. Not sure what amount we have gotten, the news say 30 inches, however that does not include the 6 foot drifts around my house. It's nasty!!