Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Blustery Day

Today, we have no school, no travel advised, roads actually closed, it's just bad!!! I would love to get out and actually take a photo of ALL the snow, however, there is no way out, so we have to just take pics from the door, and this is what I have today.

The snow up against my front window, nice, huh??

This is what I found when I opened my garage door this can almost see my chair.

I think I am way beyond shoveling the snow myself. and its way beyond a snowblower, we need big stuff, hope I am able to find it today.


Kindra said...

I saw Tania's pictures as well. You gals keep that snow up there! LOL I always feel sorry for the medical field that have to work around the clock because of bad weather. I had to do that once, not very fun! :)

Beth E. said...

WHOOOOOOOOOAH! I've never seen snow that deep before! Praying that you all stay safe and warm.

Debbie said...

Oh wow, keep that stuff there!! I am so not looking forward to it here. Keep safe!! And warm!!

God Bless~

melanie, aka Mo said...

I CANNOT believe you have snow! I took pics today of the changing foilage down here in Louisiana! We wont' even see snow! Thanks for being a follower on my blog. Melanie

Kelly said...

I can't even believe you have that much snow already! I live in Michigan and we don't get that much snow usually until January. I like the snow when its actually snowing but then I hate it when it gets dirty looking LOL. I hope you get all your snow shoveled! Stay warm!