Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby It's COLD Outside

Just thought I would drop you all a quick note, and let you know I am still alive, just been busy and not really in a blogging mood!!!
It's freezing here this week, and storming in the eastern part of the state. We're hoping it stays there, as we do not need anymore snow.
My nephew is playing in the semi finals of the Regional BB Tourney as I type this. They are winning. If they win, they play for the championship, and have a chance to go to the State Tourney. He's an awesome player, love hearing is name on the radio. (it was too cold and crappy weather to venture out tonight.) We will have one more chance to see him play on Thursday, possibly his last game.
I am off to go hibernate. I will try and post more later this week. I am off Thursday and Friday, so will have a little extra time on my hands.
Stay Warm,


Beth E. said...

I've missed you! Glad to see you're back.

I'm hoping with you that the snow stays away...you've had more than your fair share!


Susan said...

We had yucky weather yesterday. Today we have a beautiful blue sky and the sun is out. It is to stay cold for the rest of the week with another chance for rain or snow by this weekend.
Welcome back. Hope all is well.

Beth E. said...

Missing you again...how are you doing? Stop by my blog when you can...I've posted a couple of recipes. :o)


Tonjia said...

Its great to hear from you Rita!! I know you guys have been frozen up there, I hope spring will hit you soon.

Hang in there!