Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Little Under the Weather........

The weather outside here is looking up.........(we were in the mid 40's yesterday) However, things on the inside are not so hot.
We started off the week with Alex waking up Monday morning with a temp of 104, coughing, sore throat, achey, fever, chills, etc. He was off to the Dr, and was positive for Influenza B. I've had Influenza A, so I knew what we were up for. (a very long week) Between my mother and I we were able to tend to him, as needed. There was not much we could do, as all he did was sleep. We had to wake him for meds, that's about it. He was a very sick boy.
I, however, was not left out on the illness. I started the whole coughing, sore throat, achey, etc on Thursday. I was to the Dr on Friday, and my test was negative. I just hope it all goes away sometime soon. I hate feeling sick like this and have been sick so much this winter. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!
Sorry for such a short update. I just wanted to let you all know that we are still around....just not feeling so well.
Have a great weekend.


Tonjia said...

I am so sorry you guys are under the weather! I dont know why but we have seen more flu cases in the last 3 weeks than we have in the last 3 months! The flu is supposed to hit in January, not march!

take care, get lots of rest, drink fluids!

Susan said...

Oh, I hope you both feel better soon.
We started spring break this weekend and the snow is to fly on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing like snow for spring break. ;o(
Best wishes,

Debbie Jean said...

I am sorry y'all feel bad. I hate to hear the flu is still out there!! It's spring!! This has been a strange winter. I hope y'all feel better soon!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Beth E. said...

I'm sorry you've been've had a rough time this winter with illnesses in your family! Praying for both of you to feel better soon!