Monday, July 21, 2008

Note to Self & Others Who May Listen

This past weekend, my son and I went to the ND State Fair. I haven't been to the fair for 2 years, so thought I better get there, just in case something at the fair had changed....(nothing has changed....) Same shit, different year. Anyway, I was so hoping to have an indian taco. Well, come time to have something to eat and the line to the indian taco place was about 15 people deep. (I won't wait in line to use the rest room, much less to get a calorie filled treat) So, I opted for a homemade corndog. (normal size, not the footlong) The cheese curd line was very long, as well, so cancelled that out of my plans, as well. Back to the indian taco. I told Alex when we left, we would go to WalMartha and get a few groceries on the way home. Still craving the indian taco, I bought the ingredients to make them. Yes, I purchased ground beef from WalMartha!!! That was by far the largest mistake, waste of money I have ever spent. The meat was horrible.....reminds me of something I would see on Hallies website. DO NOT buy meat products at WalMartha......I never have and never will again, I promise. I was just too damn lazy and tired to stop at a real groc store.
Not much else is new here. My son & I took my mother to Bismarck last week for the day.....went to see my sister and watch her kid play baseball. Enjoyed the afternoon on the pontoon, which was enjoyable. Also got some school shopping done for the Alex. Jeans, the dreaded jeans.........he wore the ones I bought him last year all year, so that must mean his growing is slowing down a bit......and his shoe size is still the same. Size 12.
I am off to bed. Was up late last night and up way to early this morning, and looks like I am replaying it tonight.
Have a great day everyone!!

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Sharon said...

I stopped by to say that I read your blog and enjoyed it very much. The photos of your flowers are beautiful.
My flowers did not do well this year.
Between the late frost and wind, hail, and lots of down pours with 60-80 mph winds they look pretty beaten up.
I also never buy meat from Walmart, The hamburger I made a meatloaf with really did leave a bad taste in your mouth. Have a nice day.