Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!

I love hump day, it's the half way mark to the weekend!! However, this weekend, I am on call, so will leave home Friday afternoon and not return until Monday afternoon. uughhh. Makes for a long weekend, but it also makes for one nice paycheck!!! I have fun Drs on call with me, so it will be a good weekend. I am off now until Friday afternoon, so will enjoy it to the fullest!! I heart days off!!!
My little Arthur (mini doxy) got into a little trouble this week. He thought it would be cool to eat a pound of lunch meat that my son left on the end table (he went to answer the door) This resulted in diarhea for the past 2 days........thankfully, most of his has been outside!! Right now he's mutilating (sp?) a breath mint rawhide. He loves those things, and I think his breath is better. Thank goodness. (I hate dog breath)

I was so excited today when leaving work.......I have been looking for a car for my son. (old, cheap, etc) Well, found one today. 98 Chevy Cavalier, 4 door, low miles, and only $2000!! BUT...talked to the owner tonight, the car does not have an air conditioner. :( Have not totally decided against it, however..........I guess we'll have to sleep on it. I was kind of disappointed. Where we live, it is more important to have a heater, but it is nice for a little AC.

Below is yet another pic of flowers.......enjoy, hope you all have a great night!!

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