Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday............

There's 1 minute left of the Super Bowl. I would imagine it will be the longest minute of my life. We'll see if I can finish this blog entry before the game is over. LOL

We've had a good weekend. I felt a little under the weather yesterday, but after some R&R, I am feeling pretty good. I am all ready for my stint at the gym my bag packed, alarm set, now I just need to get to bed!!

Last night I met with 3 other classmates to discuss our 20 year reunion. We had a good time visiting.........oh and planning the 3 day event!!! It should be a ton of fun and I hope we have a good turn out.

Shoot, the Giants made a touch down.

The photos are of my sons room. I painted it a few weeks ago. I think it looks great, now I have to work on my room. It's so much work, but it really needs to be done. Will post those pics, when the time comes. Can't wait!!

We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us. This week, my parents are leaving for Minneapolis, where my father will be having a stand up MRI. I am on call, so will be taking Alex and Arthur to Minot with me, and staying at a motel. Could be I always have busy weekends. The next week, Alex and I are going to Fargo for a couple days. He's out of school the 14th and 15th, and I am off. Between the 2 weekends, we have teacher conferences, a weeknight of call, cupcakes to be made for FBLA, BB games, gym workouts, speech therapy, oh and a few loads of laundry..........uuggghhh, I don't like being that busy.

Thats it for tonight..........the Patriots lost, sadly.
Have a great week,

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