Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nice Weekend.......

Here we are again........Sunday night. Man, how I hate Sunday nights!! Alex and I did make it to Fargo on Friday. Did some shopping, met up with some friends for dinner at the Timberlodge and got a little R&R in at the motel. We got to meet Miss Marleigh for the first time, she was born Dec 20th. Alex thought she was pretty neat and was wondering how the heck we could get her home with us without them noticing........we came up with nothing. Marleigh went home with Emily and Mel, as they had planned. (the above photo is of Marleigh) Good news though, they are moving closer to us, so we're hoping we'll have more chances to hang with Marleigh in the near future. We also had time to visit my niece at the salon that she manages. Very nice place, she has an awesome massage room, and facial area. Of course, we couldn't walk out of there without a ton of hair care products. We had a good time, woke up Saturday not feeling great, so got up, finished what we had left to do and went home.

We were very happy to get home.........Arthur had been watching out my Mom and Dads window for over an hour prior to us coming home. This morning, we went to church, Alex went to church school and I went home to pack our bags for the gym. Well, we went to get gas, and were ready to leave, when it started snowing and blowing like crazy!!! We decided to stay home where it was warm........I had enough driving in crappy weather this weekend in Fargo/Grand Forks. I am getting very TIRED of this weather. (huge sigh)

I made my yummy lasagna for dinner today. Took some over to the Florences this afternoon and had a nice visit. They are doing OK.......can't believe its been 4 weeks already.

Well, thats all for tonight........Extreme Makeover is on, so I gotta run.

Have a great week.

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