Friday, September 28, 2007

Favorite Foto Friday.......

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone had a great week and will enjoy the nice weekend. I had a pretty decent week. Went to the BAR after work today...(FYI: I NEVER go to the bar, much less after work!! LOL) Needless to say, was there for 2 drinks, came home, made a quick dinner, and was in a coma (sleep) for almost 2 hours!! Hence the reason I can't go to the bar after work, as it knocks me out...........So, have manage to get absolutely nothing done this evening, as intended. Guess its up early for me tomorrow for a full day of housework.

Both of my nephews had football games this evening. Both teams were getting their butts kicked, last I heard at half time. These 2 nephews are great FB players, just not on real good teams. ugghh, too bad for them, maybe they should come here and play for a good team. (ok, we are not that good this year, however....took State Champions the past 4 years!!) So, maybe everyone could benefit from making a change.

Gotta run, enjoy the pics!! Enjoy the weekend.

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