Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday Garage Sale Finds........

Happy Sunday!! Hope everyone is having a great day. I had to write and tell you all about my great garage sale finds this weekend. A couple of my friends were having sales this week, so my friend Amber & I went looking Friday night.
First off, I found this knock off Prada bag for $1.00!!
Was looking for a backet for my gourds.....thought this would be perfect.....50 cents

Not sure what this metal basket will be used for, but I had to have it!! $3.00

I loved this little item (not sure what to call it) I think for now, I will use it for fruits & veggies that I find in my garden. However, can be used for many things.......$3.00

I have been looking for something for this part of my wall....well, I think it fits well here, now just have to find a candle or something for the top shelf. The greenery was also a garage sale find. I actually got quite a bit of greenery for around the house. $3.00
I also purchased a 7 ft Christmas tree for $10.00. I was kind of looking for a replacement for the one I have, as mine has to be put together branch by branch. This is all on hinges. Hope I like it when it's out of the box!!
That's all for now. Enjoy whats left of the weekend!!


Debbie said...

Good finds!! I love garage sales! I don't get to go to many, as I can't drive anymore and hubby works weekends, but I do love them!! Have a good week!!!

God Bless~

LINDA said...

Wow! Those are some great finds! i love thrift shopping. It is my passion! Another passion of mine is--you guessed it--ourdachshunds. I came to this site because of youravitar. It seemed so familiar. We have 9 of the little darlings. I'll be checking on you now that I know we have at least 2 things in common.
Oh, both of my SILs were nurses before they passed. Coincidence? I don't think so. I think we are meant to be friends. And our niece, Tam, lives in Minot. Just too much, don't you think?