Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally a Post....mostly pictures!!

Sorry for the lack of/or absolutely NO Updates!! I guess Facebook has taken over, and blogger has been put on the back burner. I've been wanting to show you all some of my pucs from the past 6 months, so her you go......enjoy!!

This is where I spent my 40th Birthday.....way back in December!! I am so ready to go back!! Just a little taste of heaven for you all...........oh my!!

We stayed at the Iberostar Grand in the Riviera Maya, absolutely gorgeous, great staff, nice pools, beach was awesome, adults ONLY, I could go on and on, but I won't.

ME, on my birthday!!

Nice view from the pool area.....love it!!

This was my favorite view of all!! Eder!! He was just the cutest little thing, with a fun personality, would have loved to bring him home with me!! ha!!

OK, now back to the mainland.........

My Niece Brittany graduating in May......she's also my Godchild, so proud of her. She plans on attending college locally, not sure what for though. She lives 30 miles from us, so we get to see her often.

My Nephew Tyler (red) and son Alex. Tyler graduated in May, as well. He is also my Godchild and will be attending NDSU, and also playing football for them.

This helecopter has become my worst nightmare.......I was working in the garage last night when I heard a bunch of noise......walked outside, and this is what I saw, only it was still in the air, almost touching my house!! It landed 1/2 a block from my house, and was just on display for our local ambulance squad for about 15 minutes. It's the helecopter for the hospital that I work for, and is frequently bringing us traumas.......ugh.

My front door. This spring I decided to paint my front door. I went with a blue, I like it. I see pictures of what it looked like prior, and this is so much better.

Another little project.......I think it turned out quite nice.

Lastly, this is Alex in front of the Ralph Englestad Hockey Arena on the University of ND campus. Alex is thinking about college at UND, so we were driving around the college after my nephews graduation.

OK, this is about all I can handle/or have time for today. Please leave my a comment and let me know that you did not completely forget about me!! ha!! It's been crazy here, and the next few weeks will be even crazier!!
Take care, and hope you're enjoying the summer!!


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

great pictures (I am owned by a Dachshund also) just wishing I was in the tropics right now!

Beth E. said...

Yay...welcome back! I definitely haven't forgotten about you. :-)

The pics are great. What a wonderful vacation. I like your front door and flowers, and Brittany, Tyler, and Alex are cute as they can be. You have to be so proud of them!

Take care...looking forward to another post soon! ;-)