Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little Spare Time is What I Like

Hey there blogger friends!! Yep, another post, can you believe it?? Actually, this is my 100th post, and I was going to plan something big and exciting, but have not done so yet. I did want to write and tell you that I had a little extra FREE time today where I had nothing planned, so this is what I did............

Took a little fabric that looked like this........used a lil iron on heat bond, and......

GOT THIS!!! A table runner!!

I've been looking around for a table runner, and found none that I liked. Everything was a little too foofoo for me, or were covered with turkeys, and I like things simple. So, after working all night on call, I slept a little this morning, woke up and created this little piece. Took all of 30 minutes. I may even have to make one for the Christmas Holiday!!!
My sons party is coming together. I have found some recipes that I am going to try of things that I was going to purchase. (Thanks for the advice Farmchick) So, we'll see how that all goes.
Hope you all have a great rest of the week.
Enjoying MY day,


Debbie said...

Very nice!! Oh how I wish I was talented like that!! I have no talent when it comes to things like that. Maybe you should make them and sell them!!

Glad you day was fun!! Oh and congrats on your 100th blog!!

God Bless~

Beth E. said...

Aren't you clever! That's my kind of crafting! I can't sew at all - I glue! So, maybe I could pull this off. Care to give me instructions on how you did it? Did you follow a pattern? You did a great job.

Farmchick said...

Well that turned out pretty doggone nice!

Talk to you soon.

Kindra said...

I sure love your new fall runner. And no-sew, even better!

Tania seems to be great in the kitchen so I'm sure she was a great help with the recipes! :)

Have a great weekend!

Beth E. said...

I'll be thinking about you with Alex's Confirmation this weekend! Sorry you've been sick. That makes it even harder to try to pull everything together. Hope you're feeling better, and that Confirmation Day will be very relaxed and enjoyable for you! Congratulations, Alex!