Friday, January 25, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life.........

What a week this has been. The loss of Jon has touched so many people near and far this past week. His family has so much to be proud of, he was such a warm, friendly, genuine man. He loved, respected, and lived life to its fullest. God definately has taken one of the best.

We've had a nice week. Lots of tears, but a good week. Alex had a great week. He's pretty sure Jon has been watching over him, as he now uses his electric toothbrush till the timer goes off. Alex has been invited to visit a class at the University of North Dakota. Professor Rami has a class on stuttering this semester and would like Alex to come and visit with the students. Of course, he's very pumped up about this, can't wait, wants to go next week, knows what hes going to wear, etc. We will be going there in April sometime.

I have been off the past 2 days. Not real sure what I have accomplished, but I am sure I could think of something.
The picture is of all the boys in our family.....(grandkids) of course, mine looks the happiest!!
Hope you all enjoy the weekend...........

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Farm Chick said...

I thought I better leave a comment to make you fee better! Such a smiley group--boy one of those boys has a smile just like his Dad. Can you guess who?