Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!!!!

Hope you all survived Black Friday Shopping. I was out at 4 am, as that's when Kohls opened. Well, won't be doing that again. I will wake up early to shop, but I will never wait in line to pay for purchases for over 2 hours. Nope, can't do that!! I did get to a few stores, bought a few gifts, and a few things for Alex and I.

Our Thanksgiving was good. Good food. Was great to see my brother and family from Minneapolis. We actually see them more then we see my family that lives close to us, but thats just fine. Nick loves Alex, and is so much like my Alex when he was younger. Gillian is growing up so fast. Kind of sassy, just like the rest of us!!

I am slowly getting things ready for Christmas. Most of my decor is up, and collecting dust. Things are looking up around here. I love the Holidays, and never seem to have enough decorations.

Alex is at a party at a friends house, so its kind of quiet here. I am very much enjoying it!! I am off to clean up some of my decorating mess.

Have a great weekend!!

Keep Believing,


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